O Canada' s version recommended for Mr. Harper

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee

Poet George Elliott Clarke ponders 'standing on guard': who are 'we' and who is 'thee'?

In 2020, Canada supposed to be 'thee', constituting Parliament and its will, the rule of law, the nine impartial justices of the Supreme Court of Canada, and the majority of our federal ministers that respect all these. 'Canada' includes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a.k.a. the Charter, the most important part of our constitution. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has approved the Charter and our Constitution Act but she has not suggested that registry officers of the Supreme Court of Canada can defeat Parliament's intentions and usurp the powerrs of the nine justices of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The officers of the Courinvolved t form a cancer attacking and destroying Canada slowly in secret. The same officers are defending that cancer impersonated by three corrupt federal ministers (immigration, revenue and justice), turning against the rule of law and the justices of the Supreme Court.

Now, where do the Right Honourable Prime Minister Trudeau and Her Ecellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, our Governor General, stand in this division? Are they standing on guard for Canada, or, are they defending the three corrupt ministers forever?

In general, Canadians seem to interpret their national anthem that someone somewhere is standing on guard for Canada. They have the right to know the position of the P.M. and the Governor General in this nationwide controversy. 





Oh Canada's modern version dedicated for Mr. Harper's Conservative friends

Oh Canada! Our home and native land!

True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise, Stephen Harper strong and free!

From far and wide, O Canada, we don't care much for thee.

Steve keep yourself glorious and free!

Oh Canada we don't care much for thee.

Oh Canada we don't care much for thee.


(This is not the official version of O Canada but a modern wording suggested by Zoltan Andrew Simon in March 2014. Canadians that had not voted for Mr. Harper's fascist regime may sing it with the words "broken hearts", instead of "glowing hearts.")

Canada is now a totalitarian dictatorship of Stephen Harper. This country used to be the most habitable country of the world as Canadians proclaimed. In reality, his Conservative Party has received more votes than any of the other four federal parties. An average Canadian must accept the "majority" of the Anglophone votes that preferred to turn a free and democratic society into a totalitarian fascist dictatorship where a single person acts as an emperor. (You may refer to an illustration from Andersen's popular book about “The Emperor’s new clothes” in our website.)

Mr. Harper’s plan is to turn a great aquarium called Canada, filled with beautiful fishes, into a fish soup for himself and his corrupt close friends. He is running the country with a few of his favourite ministers as if it would be his family business. The Harper government is the first government in Canada’s history since 1867 that leads the country by unlawful and unconstitutional means, openly against Parliament’s will, also eliminating the power of the Supreme Court of Canada that consists of a panel of nine judges. (I.e., a single agent of the federal Cabinet - the Registrar - assumed an absolute power not to file claims against the Crown. He is violating section 61. of the Supreme Court Act and usurping the power of the nine judges.) 

The Prime Minister’s transforming work is practically done but it is an irreversible and permanent change for the country. The cooked fishes cannot restore Mr. Harper fish soup into a beautiful aquarium - the traditional free and democratic Canada. Our democracy is over while he is acquiring more and more power daily. Or, Canada may be compared to an airplane flying upside down. A single pilot has the total command and only he would have the power to turn the plane back into normal position. However, the pilot is having fun flying upside down. Obviously, the plane could not land in that position so the pilot keeps flying until the plane is running out of fuel, crushes and all passengers die. We Canadians are the passengers condemned to death.

The secret of Harper's strategy lies with his political pyramid scheme. While Bernie Madoff built his Ponzi scheme of financial pyramid by the means of greedy, naive and rich investors, Mr. Harper did the same trick mainly by political means involving lots of intimidation, pressure, red tape, and corruption of the Crown servants nationwide. He and his ministers – the Federal Cabinet – has corrupted and pressured virtually every public servant of Canada, including administrators and many judges of the federal court system. While poor Bernie Madoff has got a jail sentence of 150 years - Mr. Harper would probably get off the hook easily. If, in a future free and democratic Canada, the new government would take him to court for his actions, he may simply bring a paper from his family doctor stating that Mr. Harper had a paranoia, or a brain tumor, or perhaps a bipolar brain disorder so he had been innocent of any wrongdoing. (And perhaps the doctor’s statement would be telling the truth.) However, the rest of his followers - that sometimes hail his holy words by standing ovation in Parliament - would lose their credibility together and forever. If a party – the Conservative Party of Canada – does not have a spare second leader that accepts the laws of Canada instead of an apparently demagogue leader with mental or/and criminal attitude problems, they are a “one-man-party.” They are heading to fall together with their Führer.

In light of Harper’s career, our generation and our youth could understand much better the strange developments in Nazi Germany, the Third Reich between 1933 and 1945. Thus, if such transformation is allowed to happen in Canada, a once civilized country, and all Canadians are innocent for the errant direction and criminal attitude of our Great Leader and Hero, we have no right to criticize the whole mislead German nation for Hitler's criminal actions.

I am calling the attention of my fellow patriots to urge Canada Post to issue a postal stamp (or perhaps a coin) commemorating the popular leadership of Harper. It takes about a year to design, approve, and print a new postal stamp. If we wait with the issue for several months from now, it may be too late. No one would like to lick a person’s back side - the glue on the stamp - of a person that is before the courts charged with forty criminal counts, or awaiting a long jail sentence. For comparison, there were postal stamps issued with the portraits of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and Rumania’s Ceausescu. (Of course, by the way, we may suggest the above version of the O Canada as our new national anthem.)

Many Canadians think that the race for the next leadership of Canada would be decided by half of the voters that are female. They may assume that the competition between Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair would be about their appearance: say, the one wearing a fancier tie than the other during the debates would capture the majority of the female votes. Or, the winning candidate could be that an average Canadian mother would prefer to invite for the wedding of her daughter or son. Or, that the majority voters' decision would be based on the candidate's promises regarding the legalization of marijuana. One may disagree with such opinions.

Reasonable Canadians may be somewhat familiar with the general corruption in the federal Cabinet and in the court administration system. They may know the fact that Mr. Harper has appointed 51 new senators as his puppets (while there are generally 2 or 3 senators in the Senate that had been appointed by any previous Prime Minister, although 22 by Mr. Chrétien). Those voters could decide on different principles. They would probably vote for ANY party that would condemn the unlawful or criminally bad faith policies of the Harper regime and would promise to the electors: “We may take him and his corrupt ministers to court when we come to power, and would also investigate the corruption in the court administration system.” The leaders of four federal ministries, the honourable tortfeasors, violated about forty paragraphs of the legislation. It seems that they are in a competion which conservative minister can make more fun of the laws of Canada. The ministries include the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), Service Canada under the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, and finally Department of Justice Canada as the main conspirator against our laws.  

It would not matter if only one or two opposition parties would sue the present federal cabinet at the courts. That party (or those parties) may lose the case at the Federal Court or at the Federal Court of Appeal but my suceed at the Supreme Court of Canada. The main factor is if any political party could stand up against the dictator. The media could not silence those issues perfectly. Thus, the voters would realize that such brave opposition party is really standing for a free and democratic society and for the true Canadians, against bottomless corruption. Such honest, determinate and lawful approach could bring a landslide victory to any political party while the financial investment or risk would be extremely small: a win-win situation that is quite rare in politics. 

Therefore, the leadership race is still wide open, even for a brand new party that would be formed and registered next week. Maybe one or more of the four opposition parties would love to inherit the present corrupt power-pyramid system as it is and would not change anything. Thus, in 2015, we could get a new dictator governing by similar unlawful means. Theoretically, if none of the opposition parties would call the voters' attention to the corruption and the ruined state of the country, such impotence and political vacuum may give birth to new parties. One of them may even be called “Conservative Reform Party.”

In the light of Harper’s ruthless means, one should not forget that he has a triple defence system. First, he may disobey the Constitution - as he often does - and may refuse to call an election in the fall of 2015. Secondly, he may call an election but his party will skew and falsify the results by further robo-calls or other tricks. Thirdly, if the Conservative Party suffers a landslide loss - a very likely scenario - Mr. Harper would order Mr. Rob Nicholson, now chief or our armed forces, to keep him in power by the help of tanks: a civil war situation. (An ex-minister of justice that had a major rule in ruining a free and democratic Canada may willingly participate in such coup d’état.)

Whatever the future may bring, the year 2015 does not seem dull at all. The writer of this article may not see such exciting political developments for Mr. Harper’s agents could apply the old ways of the Soviet leaders. (For example, by sending a black car of the government without license plate that simply hits their political enemies and no investigation followed. Or, he may copy the trick of the old KGB by sending an agent with a special umbrella that ejected a tiny pellet full of lethal poison to the leg of the political opponent who died without apparent injury. But even Mr. Putin seems more civilized nowadays than Mr. Harper. If Mr. Harper received an honourable international prize, the judges could rightfully grant one to Mr. Putin as well. Mr. Putin has inherited a corrupt country while Mr. Harper has created one out of an honest nation. Perhaps that is why he received a prestigious international prize, with the handshake of Bill Clinton. What was the reason? Maybe because his Cabinet has turned Canada into the founder country of the “New World Order” – you may Google the latter wording with “Wikipedia.”)


Heil Harper!


Note for persons that use their brains: there is an excellent website named www.endofamerica.com that gives you a fantastic overview of the coming collapse of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. Although I do not necessarily agree with the predicted date as July 1, 2014, it's around the corner... maybe even sooner.

Jul. 12, 2014
Is the dictatorship consolidating?
May Stephen Harper, after having prorogued Parliament twice, skip the call for elections in 2015, or ignore the results of those elections and maintain his dictatorship by the help of Canada's armed forces for decades?

Poor Bernie Madoff has got a sentence of 150 years in prison for designing a pyramid scheme to cheat greedy, naïve and rich persons. For comparison, Mr. Harper has been praised for designing a similar pyramid scheme built on political corruption, turning Canada's court system upside down. Are Canadians certain that their version of justice is more reasonable than the one in the US?