Harper has taken Information Commissioner's power

A conspiracy between Service Canada and the CIC generates millions of dollars for Harper's government; they can sit on the OAS benefit applications for 6 to 24 months without explanation. They violate section 7. of the Access to Information Act. The latter prescribes that government offices must provide written information for Canadians within 30 days after any request. This tort causes major losses to seniors and for the next government. Mr. Harper failed to explain how could retired persons survive for 6 months - in reality 1 to 2 years - without receiving their deserved pension benefits (that forms Crown debts).
The Access to Information Act guaranteed powers for the Information Commissioner of Canada to ensure that government offices obey the said Act. Section 7. of the Act was a cornerstone of such legislation. Eric Murphy, an agent of dictator Harper, flatly states that the Information Commissioner of Canada has lost her previous jurisdiction and mandate in these matters. Since a Client Liaison Officer has no authority to snatch the powers of the Information Commissioner, it is obvious that Stephen Harper has robbed those powers from her.

Favourite tweets about our fascist government

Madoff's pyramid scheme: 150 years of prison. Harper's political-criminal pyramid: 8 years of praise. God bless America and save Canada.

By violating 40+ laws Harper, MacKay, Finley and Alexander are digging the CPC's grave while all its members are cheering. It's hilarious!

Maybe Netanyahu wants to save the Harper government from jail after Oct 2015 so he is levelling Gaza to let them settle there?

Enjoy videos: http://youtu.be/s77VJ3BaXxk & http://bit.ly/1rV0GD5 & http://www.correctingworldhistory.com & http://youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pm63pDCkZWg …