Constitutional Questions: Supreme Court

Pages 17 to 43 are not part of this preview. They contain Simon v. Canada, 2014 FCA 47 (CanLII); Zoltan Andrew Simon v. Her Majesty the Queen (35995( (F.C.A.) as the 23 October 2014 Order of the Honourable Mr. Justice Wagner; Simon v. Canada, 2010 FC 617 (CanLII); Simon v. Canada, 2011 FCA 6 (CanLII); Simon v. Canada, 2011 FC 582 (CanLII); Simon v. Canada, 2012 FCA 49 (CanLII); and Zoltan Andrew Simon v. Her majesty the Queen in Right of Canada (SCC No. 34831).
[End of document. The complete Application for Leave to Appeal was served and submitted for filing on November 18, 2014.]