Polyglot dictionary of 115 languages

THE FOLLOWING POLYGLOT DICTIONARY OF 115 LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD EXISTS IN A FEW ACTUAL COPIES. Its compiler, Zoltan Andrew Simon, listed 116 languages in it. He made minor mistakes: Indonesian and the Malay are two different names of the same language. Some Australian Aboriginal languages are not dialects; they were combined or summarized arbitrarily. Similarly, he combined the several Inuit dialects, or languages, as a single item. Further, he completed his study about the new classification of the 38 Philippine minor languages AFTER the compilation of this polyglot dictionary. Thus, he could have found better combinations or pairs. (Please note that his numbering of these Philippine languages, he is following the numbering system used in the book of Professor Lawrence Reid.) With your questions, or regarding the availability of the complete dictionary, please contact Z.A. Simon at zasimon@hotmail.com